Rachel Mathew

Rachel Mathew
Accountant/Tax Attorney
Rachel Mathew loves making the topic of tax policy, tax strategy, tax administration, tax cases, and tax law easy to understand for all!

Rachel never planned on becoming a tax attorney. Yet the passion she exhibits today - to use her knowledge to help others- was the cornerstone of who she has always been from the very beginning. The stories of Rachel Pappy in preschool recount how she was the only 4-year old in class who knew how to tie her shoelaces, and she loved patiently helping the other children learn how to loop the strings, cross them, and joined them in their delight as they tied the laces in a knot! Rachel’s heart to help others is one thing about her that is still the same.

Her unusually high aptitude for math became evident while working on her undergraduate degree. Though not required for her degree, Rachel found that she exceled in high level college math courses and took algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus I, calculus II, calculus III, differential equations, and statistics. Her affinity for math and willingness to always help other students, prompted one of her college professors to ask her if she could hire Rachel as a teaching instructor and if she would be interested in a job as a tutor for the math department. Rachel said yes to both! Finding ways to explain concepts to students who had enormous difficulty grasping the subjects reinforced how much Rachel loved helping others. She embraced the pressure of students passing or failing their math classes, knowing that it often hinged on her ability to help them overcome a mental hurdle.

Not much has changed in the decades since. Rachel began in the tax and accounting field in 1999 and after working as an accountant, Rachel was inspired to become a tax attorney so she could use her knowledge of complex tax laws to help the public navigate the nightmare they faced at the IRS. Rachel and Rod Polston co-own Polston Tax with over 100 employees across the nation and together they have grown it into one of the largest tax resolution firms in the nation.

Rachel Mathew has spoken to thousands of individuals all over the United States about taxes, accounting, the economy, politics, the IRS, growing a business, being self-employed, branding, marketing, work life balance, ethics in business, and more. Rachel’s accomplishments have been recognized by many, and her accolades include:
  • Oklahoma Bar Association Tax Section Chair
  • Best-Selling Author for “Get In the Game”
  • Tax segment on TV on Fox 25 every month
  • Guest TV Commentator on News 9
  • Guest on William Shatner’s show “Moving America Forward”
  • Live on KOKC 1520 AM answering tax questions
  • Selected Speaker for the Women Who Count Conference
  • Keynote Speaker for the Accounting and Finance
  • Women’s Alliance Annual Conference
  • Keynote Speaker for the Giant Partner’s CEO Breakfast
  • Keynote Speaker for the Oklahoma Society of CPAs
  • Speaker for Oklahoma Bar Association Annual Meeting
  • Speaker for the Tulsa County Bar Association

  • Speaker for the Creek County Bar Association
  • Selected by the IRS to provide a nine-part tax seminar
  • Super Lawyers Magazine award for the area of tax law - 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019
  • Attorney of the Year - COALA
  • OCU Law Outstanding Young Alumna Award
  • “40 Under 40” Award
  • “Next Under 40” Award
  • Outstanding Lawyer of the Year Nomination
  • Article published - Oklahoma Bar Journal
  • Article published – In Brief Magazine OCU Law
  • Feature articles - Tulsa Business and Legal News, OKC Biz magazine, Norman Transcript, Boyd Street Magazine, Super Lawyers Magazine
  • Graduate of Master Executives