Community Outreach Committee

The mission of the Career Outreach Committee is to lead and assist CREW-OKC in making a real and direct impact on the lives of young women in our community.

The Committee and its individual members need to:

  • Be active and participating members of CREW-OKC
  • Be group diverse in it skill sets, experience levels, disciplines and ethnic diversity.
  • Be in communication with the CREW-OKC Chapter Board
  • Understand the chapter’s strategic plan and initiatives for the year
  • Be knowledgeable about the programs and support offered outside of the chapter:
    • UCREW (college students)
    • CREW Careers (high school students)
    • Peer-to-peer mentoring programs
    • Any additional programs created and supported by the Network and the Foundation
    • Successful programs implemented in other chapters

Responsibilities of the Career Outreach Committee include:

  • Determining when and whether your chapter is ready to a support a career outreach program
  • Implementing a planning strategy that will enable success
  • Identifying and selecting strong volunteers and volunteer program partners
  • Organizing event details to maximize your program’s impact
  • Researching best practices from other chapters and cataloging valuable program forms, check-lists and marketing tools for implementation in our chapter.
  • Communicating with the CREW Board of Directors, CREW Network and CREW Network Foundation



Assistant Vice President - Business Banking, MidFirst Bank

Committee Members

Board Liaison